Writing & Talks

Jane has written articles published in Classical Music Magazine and The Gramophone, and has given interviews on BBC Radio 3, World Service and Radio 4 on a variety of music-related topics. As an engaging public speaker, Jane chairs ‘ Artists in Conversation’ at Hastings Early Music Festival, interviewing guest musicians on stage about their performances and musical lives.

In the corporate world, Jane has been guest speaker for 6 Heads, a sustainability think-tank, discussing parallels between communication styles in orchestras and the business world. Jane advocates for a more sustainable and eco-friendly music profession, particularly with regards to travel and reducing flights during tours.

Holistic Approach to Music 

Jane’s article ‘Fine-tuning your musical body’ (Classical Music Magazine) introduces some of the artistic benefits of cultivating optimal performance health. She is passionate about exploring musical freedom in performance through a holistic approach.

Jane has given workshops on performance psychology and health, drawing on her experience with Alexander Technique for musicians. Jane has a private teaching practice in her studio, currently online.


Fine-tuning your musical body

Fine-tuning your musical body

Fine-tuning your musical body: A violinist's impression of the Alexander Technique and the artistic benefits of optimal playing health.  When I tell my musician colleagues I'm studying the Alexander Technique, one of the first reactions I tend to get is “I must sit up...

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